FlexibleSUSY is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


A FlexibleSUSY addon is a program or library, which uses parts of the FlexibleSUSY libraries or the generated models. An addon can be created via

./createaddon --name=<addon>

where `<addon>` is the name of the addon. This script creates the directory `addons/<addon>/` and the corresponding makefile module `addons/<addon>/module.mk`. If an addon has been created with the above script, the user may edit the makefile module to add his source files in to the three variables

  • `LIB` (list of library source files)
  • `EXE` (list of soucre files with a main())
  • `LIB` (list of header files)


LIB := /file1.cpp EXE := /run.cpp LIB := /file1.hpp

To configure and compile the addon run

./configure --with-addons=<addon> make

make compiles all source files and creates the addon library `addons/<addon>/lib<addon>.a` (including the object file `file1.o` from the above example) and an executable (`addons/<addon>/run.x` in the above example).