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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
array_view.hpp [code]
basic_rk_integrator.hpp [code]Integration of ODEs by Runge-Kutta
BcoeffAD.F [code]
betafunction.cpp [code]Implemenation of class Beta_function
betafunction.hpp [code]Class Beta_function
build_info.cpp [code]
build_info.hpp [code]
bvp_solver_problems.cpp [code]
bvp_solver_problems.hpp [code]
cextensions.hpp [code]
ckm.cpp [code]
ckm.hpp [code]
command_line_options.cpp [code]
command_line_options.hpp [code]
composite_convergence_tester.cpp [code]
composite_convergence_tester.hpp [code]
compound_constraint.hpp [code]
config.h [code]
constraint.hpp [code]
consts.hpp [code]
convergence_tester.hpp [code]
convergence_tester_drbar.hpp [code]
coupling_monitor.hpp [code]
database.cpp [code]
database.hpp [code]
defs.h [code]
depgen.cpp [code]
derivative.hpp [code]Functions to calculate derivatives numerically
dilog.cpp [code]
dilog.hpp [code]
dilogc.f [code]
effective_couplings.cpp [code]
effective_couplings.hpp [code]
eigen_tensor.hpp [code]
eigen_utils.hpp [code]
error.hpp [code]
ew_input.hpp [code]
ewsb_solver.hpp [code]
externals.h [code]
ff.h [code]
ffca0.F [code]
ffcb0.F [code]
ffcb1.F [code]
ffcb2p.F [code]
ffcc0.F [code]
ffcli2.F [code]
fferr.h [code]
ffinit.F [code]
fflite.hpp [code]
ffwarn.h [code]
ffxa0.F [code]
ffxb0.F [code]
ffxb1.F [code]
ffxb2p.F [code]
ffxli2.F [code]
fixed_point_iterator.hpp [code]
fortran_utils.f [code]
functors.hpp [code]
global_thread_pool.cpp [code]
global_thread_pool.hpp [code]
gm2calc_interface.cpp [code]Definitions of GM2Calc interface functions
gm2calc_interface.hpp [code]Declarations of GM2Calc interface functions
gsl.hpp [code]Implementation of Guideline Support Library
gsl_utils.cpp [code]
gsl_utils.hpp [code]
gsl_vector.cpp [code]
gsl_vector.hpp [code]
HSSUSY_uncertainty_estimate.m [code]
if.hpp [code]
ini.F [code]
initial_guesser.hpp [code]
lattice_compound_constraint.hpp [code]
lattice_constraint.cpp [code]
lattice_constraint.hpp [code]
lattice_convergence_tester.hpp [code]
lattice_foreign_constraint.hpp [code]
lattice_initial_guesser.hpp [code]
lattice_model.cpp [code]
lattice_model.hpp [code]
lattice_numerical_constraint.cpp [code]
lattice_numerical_constraint.hpp [code]
lattice_solver.cpp [code]
lattice_solver.hpp [code]
linalg2.hpp [code]
logger.hpp [code]
loop_corrections.hpp [code]Struct for selection of loop corrections from the literature
lowe.cpp [code]
lowe.h [code]QedQcd object contains Standard Model quark and lepton masses. It integrates them using 3 loop qcd x 1 loop qed effective theory
lt.h [code]
mathdefs.hpp [code]
mathlink_utils.hpp [code]
minimizer.hpp [code]
model.hpp [code]
MSSMEFTHiggs_uncertainty_estimate.m [code]
NUHMSSMNoFVHimalaya_uncertainty_estimate.m [code]
numerics.cpp [code]
numerics.h [code]Loop functions
numerics2.cpp [code]
numerics2.hpp [code]
physical_input.cpp [code]
physical_input.hpp [code]
pmns.cpp [code]
pmns.hpp [code]
pp_map.hpp [code]
problems.cpp [code]
problems.hpp [code]
pv.cpp [code]
pv.hpp [code]
raii.hpp [code]
README [code]
required_sarah_version.m [code]
rg_flow.hpp [code]
rk.hpp [code]Integration of ODEs by Runge-Kutta
rkf_integrator.cpp [code]Implementation of the RKF_integrator class
rkf_integrator.hpp [code]Integration of ODEs using the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg method
root_finder.hpp [code]
scan.cpp [code]Helper functions and classes for parameter scans
scan.hpp [code]
scan_FlexibleEFTHiggs_uncertainty.m [code]
scan_HSSUSY.m [code]
scan_HSSUSY_EFT_uncertainty.m [code]
scan_HSSUSY_SM_uncertainty.m [code]
semi_analytic_solver.cpp [code]Implementation of the RGFlow<Semi_analytic> class members
semi_analytic_solver.hpp [code]Definition of the RGFlow<Semi_analytic> class
sfermions.cpp [code]Finding mass eigenstates and mixing of sfermions in absence of family mixing, where we have a 2 by 2 mass matrix
sfermions.hpp [code]
single_scale_constraint.hpp [code]
single_scale_matching.hpp [code]
slha_io.cpp [code]
slha_io.hpp [code]
slhaea.h [code]
SM.cpp [code]
SM.hpp [code]
small_matrices.hpp [code]
spectrum_generator_problems.cpp [code]
spectrum_generator_problems.hpp [code]
spectrum_generator_settings.cpp [code]
spectrum_generator_settings.hpp [code]
string_utils.cpp [code]
string_utils.hpp [code]
sum.hpp [code]
thread_pool.hpp [code]
threshold_corrections.cpp [code]
threshold_corrections.hpp [code]Struct for selection of low-energy threshold correction loop orders
threshold_loop_functions.cpp [code]
threshold_loop_functions.hpp [code]
two_scale_running_precision.cpp [code]
two_scale_running_precision.hpp [code]
two_scale_solver.cpp [code]Implementation of the RGFlow<Two_scale> class members
two_scale_solver.hpp [code]Definition of the RGFlow<Two_scale> class
types.h [code]
weinberg_angle.cpp [code]
weinberg_angle.hpp [code]
which.hpp [code]
wrappers.cpp [code]
wrappers.hpp [code]