FlexibleSUSY is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
Installation of SARAH

Installation of SARAH

FlexibleSUSY requires SARAH to be installed and to be loadable with the ``Needs["SARAH`"]`` command from inside Mathematica. We recommend the following setup:

VERSION=4.12.3 cd ~/.Mathematica/Applications/ wget https://www.hepforge.org/archive/sarah/SARAH-${VERSION}.tar.gz tar -xf SARAH-${VERSION}.tar.gz ln -s $PWD/SARAH-${VERSION}/ SARAH cd ~/.Mathematica/Kernel/ echo "AppendTo[\$Path, \"$HOME/.Mathematica/Applications/SARAH/"];" >> init.m

All the above steps can be executed at once using the `install-sarah` script:


See `./install-sarah --help` for more options.