FlexibleSUSY is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
FlexibleSUSY 1.7.3

FlexibleSUSY provides Mathematica and C++ code to create fast and modular spectrum generators for supersymmetric models. It is based on SoftSUSY and SARAH.

Quick start

If SARAH is not installed, please run


To create a spectrum generator for the NMSSM, execute the following commands:

./createmodel --name=NMSSM ./configure --with-models=NMSSM make

To run the NMSSM spectrum generator, run

./models/NMSSM/run_NMSSM.x --slha-input-file=model_files/NMSSM/LesHouches.in.NMSSM



Creating FlexibleSUSY models

FlexibleSUSY models



If you use FlexibleSUSY in your work please cite the FlexibleSUSY manual.

FlexibleSUSY depends on SARAH and contains components from Softsusy. Therefore, please also cite the following publications along with FlexibleSUSY:


FlexibleSUSY has been written by

  • Peter Athron
  • Jae-hyeon Park
  • Dominik Stöckinger
  • Alexander Voigt

The following people have made major contributions to FlexibleSUSY:

  • Dylan Harries (loop-induced effective vertices $h\rightarrow\gamma\gamma$ and $h\rightarrow gg$)
  • Tom Steudtner (FlexibleEFTHiggs)