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FlexibleSUSY 2.2.0

FlexibleSUSY provides Mathematica and C++ code to create fast and modular spectrum generators for supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric models. It is based on SARAH and uses components from SOFTSUSY.

Quick start

If SARAH is not installed, please run


To create a spectrum generator for the NMSSM, execute the following commands:

./createmodel --name=NMSSM ./configure --with-models=NMSSM make

To run the NMSSM spectrum generator with an SLHA input file, run in the shell

./models/NMSSM/run_NMSSM.x --slha-input-file=model_files/NMSSM/LesHouches.in.NMSSM

Alternatively, the Mathematica interface of FlexibleSUSY may be used:

math -run "<< \"models/NMSSM/run_NMSSM.m""



Creating FlexibleSUSY models

FlexibleSUSY models



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If you use **FlexibleSUSY** in your work please cite [CPC 190 (2015) 139-172, arXiv:1710.03760].

If you use the **FlexibleEFTHiggs** approach in your work please cite [JHEP 1701 (2017) 079].

If you use **FlexibleSUSY+Himalaya** or Himalaya in your work, please cite [1708.05720, 1005.5709]

FlexibleSUSY depends on SARAH and contains components from SOFTSUSY. Therefore, please also cite the following publications along with FlexibleSUSY:


FlexibleSUSY has been written by

  • Peter Athron
  • Markus Bach
  • Dylan Harries
  • Thomas Kwasnitza
  • Jae-hyeon Park
  • Dominik Stöckinger
  • Alexander Voigt
  • Jobst Ziebell